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In my recent blog post, “Why Hire A Realtor,” I discuss some of the benefits of hiring professionals


Thanks for visiting my website – hope you enjoy. My name is Madamxtra. Madame was what my dad lovingly called my mom and I always attempt to bring extra to the table of life; hence the name and brand.

Click to read my recent blog post, “Why Hire A Realtor.” I discuss some of the benefits of hiring professionals for serious projects, rather than taking the DIY approach.


I claim no religion. I simply strive to make Jehovah glad that He made me. And as the Matriarch of my clan, it is my dutiful privilege to work at being my best self, just as my fore-parents, generations before me, laying the way and empowering those who follow.

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 Art, entertainment, web and graphic design permit self expression while helping others to achieve goals and desires. Homesteading affords me time while living in nature offers the peace, quiet and tranquility to keep the creative juices flowing like the rapids of a river.  

Click to read more pearls of wisdom from my parents!

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The Sallis Homecoming Festival

Sallis Day features highlights from past events and updates on The Sallis Homecoming Festival.

 Sallis Day’s website features information for vendors, FAQs, highlights from past events and updates on the annual festival of Sallis Mississippi.   

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A Place For Readers & Writers


 Books, eBooks, Audio-books, Book Reviews and Writing Tips.

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Things With Money Themes


 Boy, have I got plans for TeeSpring – so may ideas for T-shirts and stuff. Here’s my first collection; Hope you enjoy shopping!

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 Facebook offers an effective way to share your message, gain supporters and build your brand and get customers.

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Is Madamxtra.com Right For You?


 This article can help you decide if you should build your own website or hire a designer.

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Community, Farm & Food-Security


 GrowingGold explores Small Farms, Homesteading, Healthy Lifestyles & More.

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